Things That Make Me Go HMMMMM (This Week In Content Marketing)

|Juan Martinez

As the content marketing industry evolves, debates will rage about what constitutes content and what is straight-up marketing posing as content. It’s a subjective conversation that we have here at Outbrain on a daily basis. If you’re like me and you can’t help but get suckered into the content versus marketing debate, you’re sure to get fired up by an op-ed written by Dan McDade, president and CEO of lead-gen company PointClear (see first link below). Find out what other things made me go hmmmm this week…

Lead-gen by phone: The ultimate in content marketing — BtoB Magazine

Don’t hate on Dan McDade for making the claim that telemarketing is a form of content marketing. The lines in the battle of content versus marketing are still being drawn and who are you to play God, anyway? It’s not like he’s taking his content marketing lessons from has-been hair-metal singers/reality TV stars…

5 Content Marketing Lessons from Gene Simmons of KISS — Business 2 Community

Okay, so Mr. Simmons is about more than just crazy make-up and extended tongues. His oeuvre of business quotes includes “In a stadium, you know the first rows of fans have all your records,” which makes sense in terms of content marketing because, as the article explains: “It’s important to produce content for your close community, but it’s equally important to push the boundaries of the content to reach outside of your immediate base as well.” Shout it out loud, Gene!

Should SMBs Get Into Content Marketing? — Street Fight

Noooot exactly the type of article you’d expect to read in an outlet called Street Fight. I was fully expecting the piece to include a Gif of Joe Puluzzi and Rebecca Lieb standing in a Silicon Valley parking lot throwing haymakers at each other. Alas, I was forced to settle for just a few really solid points about why SMBs obviously need to jump into the content marketing fray. (By the way, have you heard of a little product called Amplify Self-Serve?)

3 Tips for Monetising Your Content — Search Engine Journal

More content more problems. We know we need to produce quality content, we know we need to produce more and better content than our competitors. But we don’t know how to explain to our boss that a weekly list of interesting articles from around the Web will actually generate ROI. Gulp. I’m going to reread this bad boy rightthisveryminute.

Twitter’s New Email Digest Makes Top Content More Visible — Marketing Pilgrim

When Facebook goes public on Friday, Mark Zuckerberg is going to be as rich as Michael Bloomberg. Yet the company is still having a hard time proving to brands that its ads are worth the investment. Meanwhile Twitter — the Scottie Pippen of social networks — is putting content at the top of its agenda and slowly catching the eye of the marketing industry.

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