The Week Mr. Blog Lost His Swagger (This Week in Content Marketing)

|Juan Martinez


You’ve probably been involved in content marketing for a few years now. And because you’d put a lot of time into generating content, you probably thought you had your strategy down cold. But then Google revamped its algorithms (again) and mobile phones and digital videos blew up, and now your blog and whitepapers just don’t have the appeal that they once did. This week’s articles help you discover the newest and most exciting content marketing opportunities.

Content and Blog Marketing in the Post-Penguin Era — Spice Up Your Blog

Outbrain has been telling you to avoid creating content for SEO robots for a long, long time now. But as the kids used to say on Reading Rainbow, “You don’t have to take my word for it.” This article eloquently explains why it’s important to create content that resonates with people (instead of algorithms) and why enabling your content to be discovered and shared is so valuable.

4 Trends in Content Marketing to Watch — Intuit Small Business Blog

Make some room in the limelight, Mr. Blog. B2B webinars, mobile content, content curation and video production are stealing some of your swag. This blog post tells you what the next wave of content will look like and why.

Content Marketing: Four Inspiring Ideas You May Have Missed — Econsultancy

This post has a super-interesting Mr. Miyagi vibe to it. Struggling to find the right pieces of content? Have you finally caught a severe case of writer’s block? Open your eyes and ears and you’ll realize that tomorrow’s content has been living around you all along. Pay attention to the emails you send to clients, the calls you make about your company and the conversations you have at parties. These interactions can easily be converted into compelling content!

Content Marketing Is Not As Simple As Writing A Ton of Blog Posts Every Day — Social Fresh

Poor Mr. Blog. He’s just getting pounded this week. This post explains why it’s important to leverage content to “identify, qualify, segment, score and, ultimately, close leads in an accelerated and predictable fashion.”

Baby Steps Toward A Content Strategy — MediaPost

Just in case you don’t work for one of the billion companies that have been creating content for the past few years, this piece is an excellent primer. Unfortunately for Mr. Blog, the word “blog” is used only once in the piece — to describe the place where Huggies posts its photos and videos.

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