The Post-Social Content Marketing Challenge

|Kelly Reeves

In the next installment of our Scribe Media partnership, presenting video conversations with with top brand marketers, we hear from Lisa Gavales, Chief Marketing Officer at clothing retailer EXPRESS, about her tactics to reach her young customer base online.

Gavales found that relying solely on the traditional digital means to reach consumers doesn’t quite cut it, since the web is so fragmented for her young, savvy audience. Instead, she goes where her customers are — “on Facebook, on Twitter, on an assortment of pages, in the music space, on [our] webpages…” — to engage with them directly.  And she means it too! Since 2008, Gavales has been tweeting to (and with) EXPRESS diehards at @ExpressLisaG, offering a behind-the-scenes look into what she and the brand are up to, and established herself as a digital marketing thought leader by personalizing the relationship between retail and customer.

But what does ExpressLisaG talk about once she finds her customers on a fragmented web? Content.

Gavales dedicates significant resources to develop robust text and video content that resonates with and excites her customers around topics such as music festivals and fashion shows for the Express Life section of the EXPRESS website. Gavales explains that this type of content marketing is “absolutely a piece of our DNA” — granting her customers access to a variety of things that are happening all over America, all in one place.

Gavales goes on to explain the timeline of EXPRESS’ content distribution and the conundrum of how to sustain the life of her content past the initial bump of posting on the EXPRESS website, Twitter and Facebook pages. “Once it’s up on our website, then what?… We invest a lot of money and, frankly, time into getting content. So how do we make sure it gets amplified?”

One suggestion she offers is to further engage the blogopshere, an important tactic that can be vital for generating buzz and demand for your brand when third-party influencers are takling about it — particularly in the fashion space. In fact, earlier this year, 24 popular bloggers on the Tumblr platform were invited to NY Fashion Week to report alongside traditional media outlets, solidifying the importance of these influential voices and their relationship with fashion-conscious readers.

Then what? How can marketers continue to find an audience for the online content they have invested so heavily in after the initial buzz and social media activity slows down? Now, thanks to technologies like Outbrain, marketers can include a new step in their content strategy to further extend the life of their content by allowing audiences the opportunity to continually discover it — long after the chatter has died down — and amplify marketing efforts in a efficient, scalable way.

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