The Numbers Are In: Content Really is King (This Week in Content Marketing)

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As you may have read in a previous post, some research we conducted in association with eConsultancy proves hands down that content marketing is an increasingly important component of the overall digital advertising mix. However, the abundance of amazing content that I get to choose from each week when I compile these links is perhaps an equally valuable testament to the industry’s significance. Keep the good content coming and let’s see where it takes us!

Report: 38% of companies have a content marketing strategy — BtoB

BtoB wrote about the research we conducted. The news site called out these interesting stats from the report: Fifty-five percent of marketers and 58% of agency respondents say they working on developing a content marketing strategy. Increased engagement (52%) was the most common objective, followed by driving traffic (42%) and brand awareness (35%).

The 5 Content Marketing Personae And Their True Impact — Business2Community

Wanna find out where you fit into the content marketing game? Check out this piece, in which the author lays out the five types of workers you’re likely to find contributing to overall content production. Also, the piece details how you can leverage each of these roles to improve your company’s output.

Custom Content as the King of Luxury Marketing and Beyond — Huffington Post

Are you a luxury brand looking to tap into content in order to make a stronger connection with potential customers? This piece unlocks the best way to get this done: custom content created by publishers.

Two Qualities of Content Marketing that Matter Most — Forbes

Great content can’t just reach a large audience. Great content (like this piece) “has to fundamentally change the customer’s direction, and it does that by teaching and motivating the customer in specific ways.”

News content marketing can appeal to growing mobile audience — Brafton

In this piece, Brafton cites a Pew Research study that reveals that 44% of tablet owners and 61% of smartphone users access timely articles every day, and on a weekly basis, 65% of consumers accessing the web on tablets said they read news, along with 80% of those using smartphones. The piece argues that leveraging content marketing news is an excellent way to attract a mobile audience. “Timely news articles are an ideal fit for many because they add a dimension of authority to sites.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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