The Content Marketing Agency Era Begins! (This Week in Content Marketing)

|Juan Martinez

Agency heads take note: This week marks the dawn of the content marketing agency era! At least according to a July 24 post on The Content Marketing Institute’s website. In the piece, author Steve Lazuka argues agencies must transition into content marketing firms in order to meet their client’s needs. Lazuka offers agencies the following three steps for beginning the transition: finding the right technology, building the right team and setting the right price. What do you think? Is it time for agencies to position themselves as content marketing shops? See what other interesting items appeared this week around the Web.

How To Weave Content Marketing Into Your Company’s DNA — Marketing Land

If you’re not quite ready to hire Sterling, Cooper, Draper (and Price?) to manage your content strategy, this piece offers a very comprehensive approach to a total content marketing overhaul. My favorite excerpt: “You should not set out to create remarkable content for a singular purpose, but should instead view the content creation process as an opportunity to makes the most of your time, money and resources.”

No-Excuses Content Marketing with Marcus Sheridan [Interview]  — Business2Community

We’re all huge fans of The Sales Lion AKA Marcus Sheridan here at Outbrain. Particularly because he drops gems like this during interviews: “The principle here is people in your industry have questions. He who answers those questions the most and the best gets the reward from Google, and gets the reward from the consumer him or herself.”

Sell Your Expertise Without Selling In Your Guest Posts — Business Insider

This piece echoes Sheridan’s point about providing valuable information for consumers. “Entirely. Focus on simply educating your readers. In the content marketing age, information sells. That’s why people browse the internet – not to be sold to, but to be informed.” Truth.

Should You Write a White Paper for Content Marketing?  — Search Engine Journal

Whitepapers are the redheaded step-child of content marketing. But this piece champions them as useful and effective components of your content marketing strategy. “[A whitepaper] builds authority, it raises awareness, it encourages inbound links, and it increases your chances of becoming the go-to company if your industry is ever in the press, among other things.”

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