The Anatomy of Content Marketing, The “New” SEO and More


There are those who don’t believe content has value, or that it has no real use when it comes to particular types of businesses. This week’s article picks are great resources for anyone who has to make the case for content. From a super visual aid, to debunking myths, to easy breakdowns of how to get started and track the success of a content marketing plan, you’ll be well armed at your next staff meeting.

The Anatomy of Content Marketing Content +

Just as good content can come in many different mediums, good information about content marketing can be visual in nature. This infographic has so many great stats to share, especially useful if you’re making the case for content to the executive decision-makers in your company.

Content Marketing Overtakes SEO as Google’s Quest to Be More Human Continues The Sales Lion

The age of over-optimization is coming to an end, as Google becomes more intuitive and seeks out smart content over keyword-loaded pages. At least that was the buzz at SXSW, says this blogger. Find out why.

Selling the C-Level: 7 Content Marketing Myths DebunkedContent Marketing Institute

A great resource if you’re trying to convince the higher ups about the value of content, this article hits on the biggest reasons why they may be hesitating to get started. They include not having time to create content to relying solely on social media.

Unleash the Power of Content Marketing in 5 Easy Steps Search Engine Journal

If you’re just getting going on your content plan, this is a useful getting-started briefer to print out and follow. It touches on how to create clean and useful copy, and then how to disseminate it to your readers.

How to Know if Your Content Strategy is Working Business 2 Community

That’s the million dollar question on every content marketer’s mind, isn’t it? The good news is there are very tangible ways to gauge if your content plan is producing results, from how engaged you are with your readers to a rise in conversion rates.


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