Team USA’s Chances at the World Cup, Algorithms That Camouflage, and More in The Week in Algorithms

|Brandon Carter

US soccer fans may be bullish on their team ahead of its opening match with Ghana, but just about every predictive engine that’s analyzed the World Cup is considerably less so. In this week’s installment, algorithms try to adjust soccer fans’ deliriously high expectations and solve for two very different problems affecting the way we work and the way we live.

World Cup Predictions

Group G in the World Cup

The “Group of Death”

Maybe Jurgen Klinsmann was just looking at the data when he spoke fatalistically about Team USA’ chances at this year’s World Cup (though he has since revised his statement).  From Nate Silver to FIFA to Microsoft’s new predictive platform, the odds appear to be against the US surviving the group stage — they are in the “Group of Death” after all — let alone going all the way. But who knows, that’s why they play the matches, right? We’ll start to see just how good the Landon Donovan-less Team USA is when they take to the pitch at 5:30 PM ET to face Ghana.

See how Nate Silver’s predictions stack up against other engines

Hiding ‘Eyesoars’ With Algorithms

Nothing like a little scaffolding to ruin an otherwise idyllic stretch of trees and brownstones, right? A first world problem is still a problem, one MIT deemed worthy of solving with a new cloak that uses algorithms to collect data on an object’s surroundings and blend it with the host environment. Now what are they gonna do about all that construction noise?

Can Algorithms Solve Tech’s Diversity Problem?

Hot on the heels of the recent report on Google’s homogeneous workforce, one recruiting firm is claiming that a new a “diversity tool” can better help businesses source minorities for employment. Problem solved? Or some sort weird reverse-discrimination? You be the judge.


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