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At Outbrain, we’re serious about helping people find interesting content online. To that end, each Outbrain employee enjoys a monthly allowance to amplify interesting content that they want a new audience to discover via our Amplify Self-Serve platform. Here are some of our staffers’ top picks.

Outbrain account manager Melissa Joy Kong loves Marc and Angel

What is it:
A blog sharing life wisdom and advice.

Why she loves it:
The couple who produce this blog together are thoughtful about life and disseminate incredibly wise advice on how to live and love better. It’s features insatiable content. They have a great following on Twitter as a result of the content’s catchiness. Who wouldn’t want to know about the 12 things successful people do differently50 things everyone should know how to do, and 7 clever Google tricks worth knowing?

Account manager Alex Bennett loves Sew Fetch

What is it:
A blog that brings together fashion, food and pop culture

Why she loves it:
My friend Nikki writes a blog called Sew Fetch, named after the phrase from the movie Mean Girls. The term “fetch” by Nikkie’s definition is “Hip. Rad. Sweet. Wonderful. Delightful. Magnificent. Cool. Great. Wonderful. Outstanding. Downright Peachy Keen.”  It makes me laugh. A lot. She’s very candid, she writes often, and well. The content provides valuable information about local food and shopping. She includes great images and the subject matter is light and relevant to me.

Account manager Liane Eltan loves Have Cake Will Travel

What is it:
A vegan food blog

Why she loves it:
This is my favorite (vegan) food blog. I love everything about it, especially the beautiful images, delicious food and Celine’s style of writing. It’s totally inspirational. You can make yummy food that’s also cruelty-free. There are probably a million blogs I read but Have Cake Will Travel is always the first one that pops in my head when someone asks me about my favorite blog.

Senior account manager John Sorrell loves Rationally Speaking

What is it:
Philosophy and science musings written by a CUNY professor.

Why he loves it:
It’s how I lazily keep up with academia since grad school.

U.S. operations manager Nathan Milford loves Letters of Note  and Clockwork Foundry

Why he loves them:
Letters of Note is a blog that posts fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes and memos that deserve a wider audience. Updated daily I find it a constant source of inspiration and insight.

Clockwork Foundry is my wife’s blog, where she is posting updates on challenging projects in and out of traditional publishing and sharing her experiences as a professional novelist.

Kevin Selhi, account manager for partner development, loves The Big Picture by Barry Ritholtz and Kevin Drum’s blog at Mother Jones.

Why he loves them:
I like them because they are pithy, fact-based and no nonsense. Ritholtz writes mostly about economics and markets, while Drum focuses on politics and policy.

Image Source: Have Cake, Will Travel

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