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|John LoGioco

Abby Johnson from WebProNews caught up with Maggie Fox, founder of Social Media Group at Blogworld Expo in October.  In the video, Maggie explains how her agency is helping marketers leverage the worlds of social media and content marketing to move the needle on brand awareness.  (Full disclosure we work with Maggie and her agency.) There are some data nuggets in this interview so if you’re into content marketing/ROI on social media/click through rate comparisons (social vs display) – then you will enjoy this snippet.  I can remember seeing Maggie and Scott Monty at the 09 Spring Web 2.0 event where they both delivered the now famous prezo on how FORD will set their content “free.”

Seems to be certainly working as FORD pulled Marketer of The Year back to Detroit for 2010.  (Full disclosure we also work with FORD.) But Maggie is not alone as a movement is beginning to take shape around how to use content and social media effectively as a marketing channel.  Other important voices like Dave Knox over at Brandery, Charles Baker who works with StudioOneNetworks, Bob Gilbreath from Bridge Worldwide and others are working with large companies on media plans that consumers are actually interested in.  This is a good thing, for all of us who are not only in the digital marketing space, but also as regular, every day active members of the web at large.

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