The headline genius of Brit music mag NME

|Brandon Carter

Each week, we salute a great site that stands out from the crowd with distinctive editorial design, great content, or both.

This week’s selection comes from the UK: New Musical Express aka NME.

site of the week;

What is it?

New Musical Express began as a weekly music journal in 1952 and was renowned for helping to break several underground movements in the UK, from punk and post-punk to “Britpop” in the early-mid 90s, a term they’re credited with having coined. It launched as a website back in 1996 and now enjoys a devoted following of indie pop fans all over the globe.

What makes it unique?

NME gradually distanced itself from print peers like the new-defunct Melody Maker by adapting to the web early on and continuing to master the format through subtle design iterations and a frequently updated news feed (they’re one of a handful of music sites that tell you how many hours ago a story was published). Once known for an allegiance to alternative and indie rock, they have also successfully broadened their coverage to include all things pop music, without losing what makes their publication unique; an instantly recognizable voice, a sly sense of humor, and an undying obsessions with the Gallagher brothers. Usually two out of those three qualities are on display in their masterful headlines, such as:


enrique iglesias and flying drones

Why Should You Care?

NME are a case study in longevity, staying true to your brand, and knowing exactly what your audience is looking for, all the while comfortably expanding your horizons — and your influence among audiences young and old.

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