Suffering From Writer’s Block? ‘BlogAbout’ has your back

Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter

After a brief summer hiatus, Site of the Week is back for the official start of Fall!

This week, we jump in with a pretty cool writing tool called BlogAbout.

What is BlogAbout?

BlogAbout is an idea generator, brought to you by inbound marketing agency IMPACT Branding & Design. It’s designed to help bloggers with the very real problem of writer’s block, headline generation, and overall inspiration. Whether you’re starting from zero and you really have no idea where the next post is going to come from, or you just need a few ideas for headlines, BlogAbout can help you fill in the blanks.


Blogabout is an idea generator that actually works for bloggers

What Makes it Unique?

It actually works!

There are tons of tools on the web that perform similar functions, but very few of them are so well-designed that they’re actually addicting.

As for the autosuggestions themselves, they’re consistently helpful. If anything, BlogAbout’s prompts are so on the nose (what with your “7 Reasons Your__ is Failing Right Now” or “5 Tools To Help You Become a Better __” suggestions) that they highlight just how standardized headlines have become. Either way, headlines are the name of the game, and it’s a game BlogAbout seems to know rather well.

The ability to email yourself with all the headlines you come up with is pretty useful, too. You could do more in a 15-minute brainstorm, with just you and BlogAbout, then you could in an entire afternoon shuffling through the Internet, looking for inspiration.

Why Should You Care?

Because writing is hard and no one can afford to turn down a decent source of ideas — no matter how automated they are.

BlogAbout also happens to be a great example of content marketing in action: Build something useful for your target market, exchange value with them (e.g. giving up an email address in order to receive a list of suggestions),  and entice curiosity about the wonderful company responsible for such a brilliant creation.

If You Only Have 5 Minutes…

You could probably get 10 rock solid ideas from BlogAbout.

Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter is a Content Specialist at Outbrain. He began his career as a staff journalist for the Maine weekly 'The Coastal Journal' before moving to New York and joining the product licensing divisions of Peanuts Worldwide and Sesame Workshop.