Should Pinterest Be Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy?


You’ve become an expert at connecting with your customers on Facebook. You are now a master at Twitter. But lately, you’ve been wondering if you should add Pinterest to your content marketing strategy. The answer? Probably.

Pinterest is the virtual version of cutting out pictures from a magazine and hanging them on a bulletin board. The social media site allows people to create boards and “pin” images to their board that they want to share with others.

As simple as the platform sounds, Pinterest has become the latest buzz and it was recently ranked as the 5th most visited social media site for the week ending March 24, ranking above Google +, according to Experian Hitwise.

Many different brands and types of businesses have already found creative ways to use Pinterest as part of their content marketing strategy, including creating boards showing creative uses of their products and also establishing their expertise in their industries. A real estate agent can create a board with different ideas for de-cluttering, while a fashion boutique owner can create a board of different ways to wear a scarf.

But before jumping on the bandwagon just because it is the latest “thing,” ask yourself the following questions:

Can You Visually Represent Your Brand?

Because Pinterest is a collection of pictures, you will need to be able to use images to showcase your products, knowledge and brand.  A recent Content Marketing Institute article listed “high-end fashion brands and retailers, food and grocery brands with appeal to high-income shoppers, luxury or aspirational brands in the home design category, and travel/tourism brands” as industries where Pinterest will be of high value because their businesses easily lend themselves to visual representation.

But even if you aren’t in one of these categories, don’t be too quick to answer no to this question. Many different types of brands have found a way to establish a strong Pinterest presence. The Harlem Globetrotters have a board of the best Globetrotter gear and the U.S. Army  has a board of photos of soldiers coming home. Even Mashable is on the site, with a pin board ranging from best infographics to favorite tech gadgets.

Spend some time browsing Pinterest to see how different brands are using Pinterest. Maybe there is a way to represent your product or service visually. Think outside the box.

Can You Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website?

While pinning images and creating a unique board can be fun, the ultimate goals are to bring potential customers back to your website and strengthen your brand.

Not surprisingly, retailers are one of the highest users of the site and are having the most success with driving traffic to their website.

Spend more time on Pinterest and look specifically at how different brands in your industry use their boards to drive traffic back to their sites. Do they simply include the link to their site on all images or do they have other strategies? Brainstorm about how you can use Pinterest to increase traffic to your site and more importantly, convert those visitors into customers.

Is Your Target Audience On Pinterest?

Currently the majority of Pinterest users are female. Forbes describes the average user as “25-54 years old, female (up from 68%, now at 80%!), attends college, has a household income of $25-75K and lives in the Midwest.”

If your customer base is primarily teenage boys or another female demographic not currently on Pinterest, you might want to put more effort into other avenues that reach more of your demographic. Don’t entirely rule out Pinterest, however, as there may be some crossover.

Ask your current customers if they are on Pinterest. Look for people you know on the site. If most of your current customers and others in your target market are already on the site, then odds are that your brand should be also.

By Jennifer Gregory

Jennifer Gregory is a journalist with over 17 years professional writing experience.




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