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Outbrain Launches #Discovered Campaign

At Outbrain, we take tremendous pride in connecting people to great content — especially content they might otherwise miss. In the vast universe of content that continuously expands, it’s just as staggering to think of the content we’re not exposed to as it is to marvel at how much we take in on a daily basis. How much content  exists that, if we did encounter it, could change the way we see the world? Educate us on a problem we’ve never thought about? Inspire us to make a life change? Or take us back to a great childhood memory?


Image by  Nattu

There are of course many modes of content discovery, from scrolling through our Twitter feeds to browsing a bookstore, but how often do these discoveries feel like our discoveries? How often do we feel, “everyone should see this!” about stories that aren’t already popular or trending? In our view, you can share content or you can share discoveries.

It’s in this same spirit of sharing personal discoveries that we want to celebrate — with your help!

If you unearth a great piece of content — a story, a video, a great article, an image, a quote, etc. — tweet @Outbrain with the hashtag #discovered and each week we’ll compile the entries and select a few winners to promote throughout the Outbrain universe, including our blog and our network.

Don’t share content — share discoveries!

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