Sears’ Healthy Living Community is Fit For Content Kings

|Juan Martinez

For many of the industry’s leading content marketers, determining why consumers want to buy a product is the key to unlocking magical creative. Julia Fitzgerald, Chief Digital Officer of Fitness, Sporting Goods & Toys at Sears Holdings explains her approach to contributor Brandon Gutman.

In the piece, Fitzgerald says her team “realized that when shoppers come to Sears looking for a piece of fitness equipment, what they really are looking for is a 15 pounds lighter, fitter, or healthier version of themselves. And while the equipment is often a key component to their goal, they also need information and motivation to keep on track with a healthier lifestyle.”

Sears turned FitStudio, its online fitness community, into a place where customers and potential customers could turn for free expert advice from fitness professionals and nutritionists. FitStudio isn’t just about branding. Fitzgerald says she can turn content into engagement metrics — such as membership acquisition, engagement, page views, return visits, coupon redemption or purchase — into a lifetime value of an engaged customer equation that ultimately determines ROI.

The Sears piece is the final installment of a three-part series that included tips on content marketing innovation from some of Outbrain’s wonderful clients. The first two pieces focused on General MillsTablespoon community and GE‘s overall content strategy initiative.

In the Sears piece, Outbrain’s very own Gilad de Vries, VP of Brands and Agencies, is quoted as saying, “It makes sense to get people to discover your content as soon as you start to develop it, so you get important audience insights like what they really enjoy, where they come from, how long they stay, how they respond to different calls to action alongside the content, etc. Armed with these insights, marketers can continue to develop content that will resonate.”

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