Commerce & Content Not Mutually Exclusive

|Brandon Carter

Etsy’s Alison Feldmann (left) and Erin Griffith from PandoDaily (right)


We had a full house last night for our Content Conversations Meetup as Etsy’s Editor-in-Chief Alison Feldmann showed off their sleek new iPad app and discussed the role of content in commerce platforms with PandoDaily’s Erin Griffith.

First up, Feldmann and Griffith discussed what the Etsy Blog isn’t: a customer acquisition tool.  With no sales directive in mind, Etsy Blog then begs the question: how is success defined and measured?

“Engagement,” Feldmann offered. “Probably the most meaningful metric to us is Comments.” On average, Etsy averages 100 quality comments per post, a clear signal their audience is not only engaged but affected by the content enough to join the conversation around the brand.

As an e-tailer seeking to create a tangible sense of marketplace across their site, engagement is at the heart of Etsy’s brand equity.  The Etsy consumer wants to make informed decisions about what  to buy beyond the usual concern with price and quality, and sellers who come to Etsy could just as often use tips on everything from businesses sense to trends in the market.  Etsy can (and does) provide such valuable information.

Etsy recently extended this “rule of engagement” to their new iPad app, which seamlessly blends original content with featured products for your browsing pleasure.  Mobile has been a nice success story for Etsy, with nearly one in five purchases made on a mobile device.

As for whether or not it’s easier for commerce companies to add content to their platforms or content publishers to add commerce, Griffith cited Thrillist as an example of a publisher-turned-retailer with their Jackthreads brand.  As long as you know your voice as a brand, she said, extending commerce to content consumers or vice versa is well within reach if executed carefully.

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  • Curtman40| March 13, 2013 at 10:22PM

    Etsy is a good brand and a site that aid consumers in product purchasing, content creation is the back bone of there business.


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