Rising Stars Spotlight: New Nominees, New Lessons

Sarah Gavin


photo, spotlights capturing moth trails.

All over the world, marketers are adopting content as their new language in communicating with consumers. But like learning any new language, it takes plenty of time – and real-world use – to make real progress.

The Rising Star series spotlights the people leaping head-first into content marketing and tackling the challenges that come with new ways of thinking.

From using new platforms and technologies to trumpeting the cause internally at their organizations, our next four nominees are exemplars of change in digital media.



philip-fentonPhilip Fenton, Switch

“Too many brands just use digital platforms to talk at their audience and then wonder why they’re not seeing any engagement. Figure out what your audience want to know, tell that story in an engaging way, and you’ve got some great content.”


photo, dennis estrellaDennis Estrella, Univision

“Good content is relatable and unique. As a consumer, I enjoy consuming content that I either have a vested interest in, or is something I know I won’t see anywhere else. Combine the two, and you have my click and attention!”


ross-levantoRoss Levanto, MSL Group

“There is a seemingly insatiable need for fascinating content. The significant opportunity for PR teams is to create fascinating content that carries a company’s key messages in unique ways through a variety of channels.”


Pedro Robledo, eldiario.es

photo, pedro robledo

“Knowing how to write or even writing with a bit of style has nothing to do with creating quality content that truly interests users and is in line with the advertiser’s interests. It really is an art.”



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Featured image courtesy of Greg Scales  via Flickr.

Sarah Gavin

Sarah is Outbrain's European Marketing Director and is responsible for all marketing and communications activity across Outbrain's growing EU territories. Former VP of Marketing & Communications at AOL/The Huffington Post. Sarah was part of AOL’s senior European leadership team and has more than 15 years experience working for some of the world's most reputable companies. Prior to AOL Europe, Sarah was VP Communications International, AOL and a member of Bebo's global leadership team, reporting to CEO, Joanna Shields. In this capacity she was tasked with developing and driving the global corporate/consumer marcoms strategy for the hot youth lifestyle brand alongside AIM, ICQ and number of AOL’s established brands and consumer offerings. Prior to Bebo, Sarah worked for a boutique communications agency where she was part of the management team and headed-up the corporate and B2B division of the company, supporting a wide range of high profile global brands.

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