Rick Springfield, Annual Projections and Frostbite (This Week in Content Marketing)

|Juan Martinez

You know the weather’s turned colder in New York when two things start appearing: holiday season projections and annual industry surveys. That’s what we have in store for this week’s batch of links — as well as an interesting read on why email should be an important element of your content strategy, a rethink on the role infographics should play for your organization and a hilarious Content Marketing World late-arrival. Let’s get at it:

Content Marketing Helps Companies Stand Out During Holiday Shopping Season — Brafton

As someone who enjoys fishing, baseball and more than five hours of sunlight each day, these holiday season stories really depress the heck outta me. Hopefully, my Christmas/Hanukah gifts this year will include a new reel, some Yankees tix and one of those lamps that just bombard you with natural light.

Content Marketing Comes Of Age — BtoB

I’ll stop being grumpy now…BtoB produced its very own Content Marketing report that surveyed 440 business-to-business (not BtoB) marketing professionals in April and May. According to the survey, 34% of respondents are “very” or “fully” engaged with content marketing, compared with only 18% last year. Also, “content marketing’s key strengths include its ability to improve engagement with important audiences (cited by 56% of survey respondents); enhance the “trust factor” for companies (47%); achieve faster, more relevant touch points in the market (33%).”

Why Infographics Are Not Enough For Successful Global Content Marketing — Search Engine Land

Don’t rush into creating an infographic without reading this incredibly valuable piece. Keep in mind delivery of the infographic, your intended audiences’s language and the fact that some people actually enjoy text.

Using Email to Promote Your Best Content Marketing Collateral — Business2Community

And you all thought email was just that thing that notified you when someone sent you a message on social media! For shame. Email marketing is a $2 billion business and determining the right way to combine these messages with your content might mean the difference between crickets and audience engagement.

6 Ways Rick Springfield Is Like Content Marketing — Fathom

If you’re part of the 99.9% of the world’s population that missed Content Marketing World, then I feel bad for you. Not only did you miss some amazing sessions and the most orangest suit ever worn, but you also missed Rick Springfield do a few scissor-kicks and rock us back to good old 1981. This blog post might make you feel a bit better about your absence, but seriously, never miss Content Marketing World again, okay?

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