R.I.P. Nintendo Power Magazine (This Week in Content Marketing)

|Juan Martinez

Some ‘Weeks in Content Marketing’ are better than others. This one happens to be a bad one. Despite all of the content innovation and ingenuity we see every day, there will always be a few projects that are ultimately destined to meet their end. It’s important we acknowledge our industry’s fallen soldiers, learn from their successes and mistakes and keep on creating.

Under the Power of Nintendo Power — The New Yorker

Nintendo Power magazine, just five years younger than I am, had an incredible impact on my childhood, as well as the childhood of Reeves Wiedeman, the article’s author. It’s a shame that the magazine’s final issue will ship in December, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to experience its content, particularly during my Super Mario, Zelda and Contra years. According to the piece, “Most of the articles read like lightly repurposed promotional material from the company’s marketing department, which might have bothered me if, at age ten, I had known what marketing was. This made reading Nintendo Power the rough equivalent of reading a magazine about cars that only featured Hondas.” While this may be true (I haven’t read it in years), the magazine featured reviews and published the high scores of actual gamers, and more importantly, it made me feel like an informed video game consumer, which is an important goal of any good piece of content.

5 Common Content Marketing Sins — Business 2 Community

Aside from only promoting your own products (sorry, Nintendo), procrastination, carelessness and not opening your doors to guest writers can kill your content.

9 Lessons From Lewis D’Vorkin’s Push to Remake Forbes Online — PBS MediaShift

Speaking of guests, Mr. D’Vorkin will be joining Outbrain CEO Yaron Galai on September 19 to discuss Forbes’ revolutionary content hub AdVoice and the ever-expanding role journalism plays in advertising. This piece analyzes Forbes’ ascendance as a digital media powerhouse.

7 Publishers Using Responsive Design — Digiday

Forbes isn’t the only publisher stepping up its content game. This piece highlights publishers including Boston Globe, Smashing Magazine and FoodSense for designs that enable users to access content across a variety of devices without issue.

Create Content for Marathon Site Visits — Website Magazine

Looking to increase your average visitor’s time-on-site? Check out this piece, which recommends lists, questions, photos, and videos as attention grabbers, among other tactics.

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