Q&A With Techmeme’s Gabe Rivera on the ‘Balancing Act’ of Curation

|Brandon Carter

Gabe Rivera is the founder and CEO of Techmeme, “the definitive news aggregator for technology,”  according to TechCrunch.  He’ll be joining us for a brand new Content Conversations meetup tonight in NYC at 7 pm to share his thoughts on the impact curation is having on the publisher industry.  But first, a few thoughts on the art–or is it a science?—of content curation.

What defines good curation?

Ultimately that depends on many factors like the context and the target audience. For Techmeme, we want to be both a comprehensive summary of the day’s essential tech industry news while also being a good filter on the very same news. Both goals are at odds, so it’s a balancing act.

What is the biggest myth about content curation?

I’ve noticed folks launching news curation projects make the mistake of believing they’re in competition only with other news curators, when in fact they’re also in competition with Facebook and Twitter, where it’s easy for anyone to construct a personalized news feed just by subscribing to a number of sources.

What is your favorite go-to source for great content?

Apart from our own sites, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, New York Times, Twitter, Hacker News, and Twitter.

What is the most innovative use of content you have seen lately?

Buzzfeed continues to impress me, reminding me often that the most unlikely raw material can be quickly transformed into highly engaging content.


Go behind-the-scenes of content curation with Gabe and Business Insider’s Steve Kovach at our Content Conversations meetup with Contently tonight, Wednesday, November 28 at 7:00 PM.  Click here to RSVP.

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    Curator content is interesting I wonder what impact that will have on small businesses. How can we leverage that power.


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