Q&A with Patrick Fuhrback On Starting A New Chapter At Outbrain

|Sarah Gavin

We are really excited to say “guten Tag” to Patrick Fuhrback, Director Business Development DACH, who has joined the Outbrain team in Germany.

Working alongside Alexander Erlmeier, Patrick brings with him a wealth of experience in the digital publishing space.

We caught up with Patrick to talk Italian cars, start-up culture and the future of content discovery in Germany.

Why did you want to join Outbrain?

After working in new media for many years in large media organizations I often felt like an outsider. At Outbrain, with its online DNA and great solutions I know I am going to fit right in!

What is the most attractive aspect of Outbrain’s culture?

It has to be the team – they are all open minded and highly motivated people from all over the world.

Who will you follow first from the company on Yammer, Twitter…?

Yaron and Ori – not to miss any of their great insights, and also my European colleagues.

What are the most interesting/relevant insights from your previous companies/experience that you will bring to bear at Outbrain?

During my career, I have worked with many different publishers on both the editorial and sales side; with Outbrain I will be able to offer a tool to keep both sides happy, which is great for me.

Do you have any predictions for 2013 relating to content discovery/marketing?

In Germany content marketing is just in its infancy, but we are seeing real interest from publishers, so there is great potential for growth in this field.

What is/are some of your favourite type/s of content?

Newspapers and sport news, plus I love old Italian cars so any blogs and discussion forums about that subject is guaranteed a read from me.

How would you summarise your background?

I worked for 17 years at a German TV based media house in the online media sales business, and also have experience working at a start-up multimedia agency. Most recently I worked at multi-channel platform SPORT1 where I learnt a lot about the business and needs of editorial websites. A common challenge during my career has been to be a broker between sales, marketing and technical departments – bringing everything together to make everyone happy.

What do you love about start-up organisations?

I like the attitude, the team is working altogether for the same cause, the fast decision making and the lack of politics.

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