BrainPower: What European Content Consumption Trends Tell Can You

|Tina Coll

Tea and Content, Anyone?

This week we unearthed key differences in content consumption peak times across European countries.

We discovered, for example, that the Germans start the earliest, getting their fill of content at noon. Following shortly after are the Italians at 2pm and a few hours later the French at 6pm. The British and Spanish prefer to savor their content later in the evening at 9pm over tea and 11pm over sangria respectively.

European Content Consumption


Through the lens of the mobile media consumption habits we examined globally earlier this year, you’ll find that the British and the Germans approach their content in similar yet different fashion. What do we mean?

Their consumption patterns peak at the same times, but on different platforms. When the Germans get their fix of desktop content over lunch at noon, the British are on their mobile phones. Around 9pm, the British sit with their laptops perusing web pages while the Germans opt for the hand-held screen. Are the Brits simply busier than their German counterparts during the day? Or do the Germans have trouble parting with the phone at night?

And here again were our findings on mobile content consumption from earlier this year:

Global Mobile Media Consumption Infographic - Data driven by Outbrain


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Tina Coll

Tina Coll

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