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|Alex Bennett

Countries Battle It Out to Crown their Favorite

In anticipation of season four of Game of Thrones, we wondered which countries identified with which characters from the epic show about kingdoms, war, and the struggle between nations (also, love and romance, but for the purposes of this post, let’s make the totality of the show about international relations).

Using our vault of data (we have an install base of over 100,000 publisher sites and serve over 150 billion recommendations each month), we put together this infographic that shows which characters are most popular in which country. Of course, our data scientists warn us against making any judgments based on inference, and we are fully aware that correlation can be due to any number of factors. But still, fun to hypothesize. Here are some of our favorite insights pulled from the data:

Game of Thrones Infographic | Outbrain


King Joffrey gets the most page views per story published in the US:

The United States is the only country to have this fascination with King Joffrey. Knowing what we do of our politicians, the readers are invited to make of this what they will.

Daenerys Targaryen gets the most attention from the media with the most headlines:

Her character wields the power of dragons to bring nations to their knees. That skill may translate to harnessing the chaos of editorial boards.

Sansa Stark is the least popular character among global fans:

One suspects that she’ll get her revenge against us all for underestimating her.

Game of Thrones is most popular in the UK, least popular in Italy:

This may not be entirely surprising, since parts of the series were inspired by The Wars of the Roses, according to some fans. Some fans see the Starks and Lannisters as the Houses of York and Lancaster, and Bran and Rickon as the “Princes in the Tower.”  Others simply see it as a great series and enjoy things for what they are.

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