Case Study: How Visa Uses Video Content to Influence Decision-Makers

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Visa is a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, financial institutions and governments in more than 200 countries and territories to fast, secure and reliable electronic payments.

Why Content Marketing for Visa?

In 2014, Visa Asia Pacific was looking for a way to reach and influence decision-makers in banks, merchants and governments across the region. They incorporated content marketing into their communication strategy and launched, a Tumblr newsroom that features engaging videos capturing viewpoints on economics, driving business and innovation.

The choice of video content was to reflect Visa’s objective to produce stories with a genuine message and an authoritative position on business. Here’s how they pulled it off:

Investing in Branded Content

Visa worked with Click2View, a fully integrated content marketing agency, to create the videos for and then used Outbrain’s discovery platform to promote them to audiences on premium publisher sites who were likely to be interested in the videos’ subject matter.

“Outbrain has really helped us tell our story across Asia-Pacific. Through Outbrain, we are able to see what content works, what doesn’t, and we can get very smart with the money we invest to amplify our content.”  Kris LeBoutillier, Content Director, Asia Pacific at Visa

Running a Content Machine

The success of Visa’s content marketing efforts begins with the quality of the content they’re promoting: great storytelling, catchy headlines and agile content creation with the help of Click2View have all been crucial to the success of the campaign.

But the other key component of Visa’s success lies in Outbrain’s distribution capabilities: with a reach of nearly 100 million monthly unique users in Asia-Pacific alone, Outbrain helped Visa connect with new audiences and drive qualified visitors from premium publishers.


  • Headline CTR 85% above category benchmark (+270% increase in CTR)
  • 95% new Visitors daily
  • More than 75,000 engaged new visitors across Asia-Pacific in just 6 months


To view the full case study, send us a note here.


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Isabella Barbato

Isabella Barbato

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