Outbrain Partners with NewsCred: A More Holistic Approach to Content Marketing

|Rich Ullman

There is no doubt that the content marketing ecosystem is growing and new players are joining the party every day. This of course presents huge choice for CMOs, but can also leave us scratching our heads about which way to turn when looking to find a truly comprehensive solution.

Today we announced a strategic partnership with Newscred that goes some way to solving this issue and we’re excited to share some details about this with you, as well as the progress we’re making with other partners to bring the most comprehensive content marketing solutions to the market and drive value for our customers.


In a nutshell, this partnership is a pairing of two companies who care about surfacing premium content and helping brands reach audiences in an authentic way.

NewsCred is an industry leader in content licensing and software to manage content marketing. They will become our partner and by coming together, marketers will now have access to fully licensed articles, images and video from NewsCred’s library of more than 4,500 content providers that they can distribute through Outbrain and our audience of over 550 million monthly unique visitors. And since the Outbrain API is now integrated into the NewsCred Content Marketing Cloud, our joint customers can publish licensed and original content to Outbrain, as well as all social platforms, with ease.

This multi-faceted partnership is a huge opportunity for marketers seeking to reach relevant audiences authentically, simply and at scale and is a launchpad for our emerging partner program. By partnering with best-in-class platforms such as NewsCred, we hope to simplify the process for customers and vastly improve the success of their content marketing efforts.Together we will drive the best audience to the most entertaining, interesting and authentic content – delighting them along the way.

Click here to see what our partner Newscred has to say.

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Rich Ullman

Rich Ullman

Rich Ullman is Vice President, Marketing at Outbrain, who is responsible for the Outbrain brand and product positioning. Read more

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