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|Yaron Galai

Outbrain is now inside TypePad as a “feature” for TypePad bloggers to add content recommendations to their blogs.  We have been working with Six Apart on this integration for some time and are happy to make this available to the TypePad community. Why add recommendations to your blog?  We’ll it’s all about your readers and enhancing the precious time they choose to spend on your blog by offering relevant links to additional content they might be interested in.  By installing outbrain on your blog, your readers will see relevant links that are actually targeted to them as an individual.  But the fun just begins because you have control over what type of recommendations to serve your readers.  The recommended setting is to elect “Best Recommendations” in your outbrain settings.  “Best Recommendations” will present your readers with 2 kinds of links; 1.) links from your own blog and 2.) links from other great TypePad blogs.  Now you might say why would I want to have links to other TypePad blogs for my readers to click and leave my site?  Good question and logical thinking.  However smart “linking out” can actually drive more traffic to your blog and outbrain will do just that.  By serving your readers links to other great content within TypePad, in return, your links are also eligible to be shown on other TypePad blogs that elect to show their readers “Best Recommendations.”  Every time a reader on another blog clicks one of your links served as “recommended reading” you get more traffic back to your blog and hopefully they will convert to new subscribers.  So “Link Out” & prosper!

Additionally anytime one of your readers clicks on a link pointing to another site, a new window will appear.  Once the reader finishes with the new window, it’s easy to close it and return to your blog that remains open as the hosting site.  This is a key element as often times “linking out” can increase overall time spent on a site as readers link out via windows and return to the original site.  You know it’s hard to find any large publisher these days who does not link out to other sites.  New York Times, WashingtonPost, ChicagoTribune and almost all others know that readers will leave their sites to find content they are interested in, so why not serve that content while you have the reader on your site.  This same principle applies to publishers of all sizes, regardless of audience or depth of content.

Should you not want to “link out” and prosper, you can set the recommendations you wish to serve your readers to “Limited Recommendations” which will limit the links to your content only. You will still prosper as clicks on your links will increase page views and drive your readers deeper into your own content so if “linking out” isn’t for you, “Limited” is the best way to go.

Regardless of which option you choose, all the traffic that outbrain generates from your own blog or from the TypePad network can be easily tracked by accessing your blog’s report.

Adding the recommendations to your blog is simple.  When logged into your TypePad dashboard, click the DESIGN tab and under CATEGORIES choose “Widgets”, then under MODULES choose “Featured Outbrain” then under DETAILS click the link “Get It Now” as shown below.

Outbrain Inside TypePad

From the “Get It Now” link follow the simple installation steps and remember to register so you can see reports.  Then sit back, concentrate on blogging and enjoy the traffic you’ll get, increased exposure from having your links show on other great TypePad blogs and the satisfaction that your readers will have a better experience finding great content next time they come for a visit.

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Yaron Galai

Yaron Galai

Yaron is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Outbrain. Prior to founding Outbrain, Yaron was Co-Founder, SVP of Quigo, Inc.,... Read more

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