Outbrain Goes “Down Under”

|Shiri Ziegelman

“I come from the land down under… where women glow and man plunder”… ah, that classic Aussie Men At Work 80s song.

With its new office in Sydney, Outbrain now has its own “Men At Work.” Down under, tucked away in the southern hemisphere, we have a new team taking Outbrain to this exciting market. Our newly established office is located in the heart of Surry Hills, Sydney, the hub of the Australian creative and digital scene. If you are in the area, please swing by and say “G’Day…”


Stepping into this new market, with its strong digital mindset, fast technology adoption, strong mobile growth and synergies with other English speaking markets was a natural move for Outbrain. There are already three members of the team there: Ayal Steiner, as General Manager Australia and New Zealand, Adam Carroll, who manages Brands & Agencies and builds the content marketing category in the market, and Yoav Tourel Goldberg, who leads the Account Management practice for Outbrain in the region.

We are already talking to key publishers and brands in the market as well as growing the team, so we are hitting the ground running… literally, as well. Once starting the operation, we went straight to a 14KM run as a ‘corporate challenge’…

Adam Carroll & Ayal Steiner

Communication in Australia is very difficult. First, because of the distances and time zones. This country is SO big that it can cover all of Europe (yet has only 23 Million people living there).


But then there is also the language. ‘Strine’ (Aussie short for ‘Australian’) is Australia’s unique slang.  Here are some interesting examples:

·         Bonzer = Great

·         Fair dinkum = Real or Genuine

·         Arvo = Afternoon

·         Sheila = A woman

So if you are “down under,” please let us know!

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  • Curtman40| March 13, 2013 at 10:22PM

    Congrats on the new location I look forward to your blogs as they are very interesting.

  • mark| April 4, 2016 at 11:23PM

    Not really accurate to compare Australia’s landmass to Europe…there’s no desert in Italy, or Poland! Anyhoo…great to see Aussie attracting the best marketing brains. Welcome.


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