Outbrain for performance: Turning Interest To Intent [WEBINAR]

|Yoav Tourel

Outbrain for performance

I was born and bred as a media planner almost 18 years ago at Media Edge (which later became GroupM’s MEC). Lots has changed in media since (we used fax machines, digital was a way to describe your watch and snake was the best thing on mobile), but one thing hasn’t changed since then (and since the dawn of media planning), the media planner mission:

To reach the right audience, at the right time with the right message in the most cost effective way.

As marketing and media professionals we are all trying to earn the consumer’s attention, which becomes harder everyday. We all count to 5 before skipping video ads and it seems that the ‘cure’ to banner blindness is the rise of ad blockers. You get the idea, we live in a skippable era.

But another thing that hasn’t changed, is the consumer’s willingness to trade their attention for value.

Those that provide the right value at the right moment, will win the battle for consumer attention.

3 Online Moments to Win

  1. The Search Moment: the consumer is after something. She is searching for it. Provide her with the most relevant answer (organic or paid) and you will win her attention.
  2. The Social Moment: the consumer is in her social media mode. Align with what the consumer (and her friends) like and you will win her attention.
  3. The Discovery Moment: the consumer is following her interests and consuming videos or articles across the web on publishers sites. Seize the moment and offer her content that matches her interests and you will win her attention.

The common thread across the 3 moments is that (a) there’s a value exchange between the brand and the consumer and (b) it happens ‘in-feed’ in the most genuine native way possible.

If Google is the search platform and Facebook is the social platform, Outbrain is the interest platform which enable you to tap into and own the consumer interest moment at a massive scale.

(Methodical pause as I do when I’m presenting to an audience…)

Once you realize that the interest moment is a “blue ocean” of opportunities to create demand for your brand and slide it through the consumer funnel- and that you can turn the consumer interest to intent- your acquisition strategy becomes much more exciting!

I’m going to go over all the tips and tricks for using Outbrain for performance marketing in my upcoming webinar.

If you are in the southern hemisphere, join me this Thursday at 1pm AEST (that’s 11pm EDT Wednesday, for those in the northern hemisphere), for a new webinar:

Content Inspiring Action: Outbrain for Performance

We’re excited to share everything we know to make your campaign a success and help you understand how to master Outbrain Amplify.

We will cover:

  • Getting up and running with Outbrain
  • Setting up for performance/direct response campaigns
  • Expert tips and tricks for succeeding with Outbrain
  • Interpreting and analyzing your Outbrain reports
  • Optimize toward your KPIs (inc. conversion optimization)
  • Live Q&A session – ask us anything!

Get ready to seize the (interest) moment! Save your seat.

If you can’t make this time, sign up anyways, and we’ll send you a recording of the session.

Yoav Tourel

Yoav Tourel

I joined Outbrain in 2012 as the Head of Account Strategy in Australia & New Zealand. Before that, I was... Read more

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