Newsmax’s Three-Camera Studio Makes Content Production and Distribution Effortless

|Juan Martinez

This morning I had the privilege of exclusive access to a Newsmax on-camera interview with former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. The question-and-answer session was the inaugural interview in Newsmax’s New York City three-camera studio — an exciting piece of innovation from a publishing company focused on creating powerful content and efficient content distribution.

As always, Outbrain is on the lookout for brands and publishers that bring interesting stories and videos to audiences in fascinating and innovative ways. So, needless to say, when I was told Newsmax was installing a studio with a three-camera setup in their New York office, I figured I’d see what it was capable of accomplishing.

Ken Chandler, editor-in-chief at, gave a few Outbrainers a tour of the studio last week and explained the need for the three-camera setup. (Pictured from left to right: Chandler and Outbrain SVP John Logioco). 

Because Newsmax is based in West Palm Beach, it’s beneficial for the media outlet to snag on-camera interviews with politicians who are visiting New York City. The studio enables Newsmax to perform traditional, live in-studio question-and-answer sessions or remote interviews, such as the one between Rumsfeld and Newsmax correspondent Kathleen Walter.

The setup also allows Newsmax to patch an interview subject or a Newsmax reporter into any newsroom in the world for an on-camera interview from inside the studio. For example: Had Rumsfeld’s interview gone a few minutes late, he could have patched into the next media outlet’s studio and done his on-camera interview from right inside Newsmax’s office.

The space can also be rented out for almost any multimedia production, including commercial shoots, infomercial shoots or remote presentations. Newsmax’s 80-inch TV monitor can broadcast any image or scene, enabling your editor-in-chief to deliver a keynote speech to an audience in Las Vegas with your magazine’s logo or your city’s skyline as a backdrop.

This type of flexibility expands Newsmax’s access to on-the-go subjects (Rumsfeld came to Newsmax straight from an interview and quickly left for another interview after he was done). It also enables the publisher to distribute content quickly without having to sacrifice production value or paying enormous production costs.

Definitely a huge victory for content junkies.

For a traditional print publication like Newsmax to reach across time-zones and media channels with instant and seamless content is the Holy Grail for publishers and marketers. Consumers expect to consume high-quality content wherever they are, on whatever medium they wish to, and they won’t tolerate sluggishness or poor quality.

Outbrain is lucky to partner with hundreds of companies that are committed to ensuring that consumers can discover and consume the best, most up-to-date content no matter where they are. So wherever you are can’t be an obstacle. Brands and marketers have to find ways to produce and distribute great content regardless of their location or economic obstacles. Use all of your creativity and innovation to do what you can with what you have to create great content and consumers will discover you in droves.

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