Study: Your Blog Is Still Important To Consumers

|Brandon Carter

Nearly half of all Americans keep up with their favorite brands’ blogs


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At a time when it seems a new social platform or a fancy new tactic crops up every other week to lure brand marketers, turns out old reliable still gets the job done.

According to a new study, 46% of Americans read the blogs of their favorite brands and feel it’s important for those brands to continue producing content. Why? Respondents cited company updates, a more personal connection, and stronger brand personality as the reasons for companies to produce blog content.

Alternately, 2 in 5 wag their fingers at brands who don’t produce blog content, citing laziness, fading relevance, and deteriorating communications with customers as reasons a brand might not be blogging. You can read all the highlights from the study here.

And then there are the folks who go so far as to dedicate their own blogs to their favorite brands. Check out these 3 brand fan blogs racking up the page views and even having the blogged-about brands subscribing.


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Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter

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