Product Update: Reach more of your audience with mobile targeting

Addi Regev
Addi Regev

With content consumption increasingly moving to mobile, we know how important it is to reach your audience across devices. An Outbrain study into global mobile consumption patterns showed mobile content consumption peaks at lunchtime in most English speaking countries and later at night for non-English speaking countries; with a 60/30 split between smartphones and tablet content consumption across all markets.  So it is more important than ever that you reach your audience at the right time and right platform.

To that end, we’re excited to announce that we’ve introduced smartphone targeting as part of your default platform targeting settings. Along with your existing desktop and tablet targeting, your content will now be recommended across smartphone devices too.

Your content will appear on our premium mobile publisher network such as CNN, ESPN and Fox so you can enjoy more traffic.

Platform targeting can be selected during campaign creation and also changed in your Campaign Settings as  below:


mobile targeting


We know you’re likely to have questions so here are a few we want to address up front.

Can I target smartphones only?

Absolutely! You can select smartphone only targeting during your campaign set up phase or  in the Campaign Settings page of your dashboard.

How can I optimize my campaigns between mobile and desktop?

To track and optimize the performance of your content by platform, we recommend that you set up separate campaigns for desktop and smartphone. You can also set different CPCs for each of these campaigns and then see which platform performs best in driving you the audience you need by viewing your separate campaign performance under the Clicks & Content section of your dashboard.

For more on this, visit our FAQ. As always, we love to hear your feedback and thoughts so feel free to share with us anytime at self-serve [at] outbrain [dot] com.


Addi Regev

Addi Regev

Addi Regev is Director of Product at Varo Money Inc, a former Outbrain's director of product.

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  • Foundaspace| February 11, 2015 at 3:03AM

    This article really help me.The explanation from this article is easy for me to understand. This also helps me to reach more audience during the peak time just by using my smartphone. Thanks for the great article.