Brainpower: New Outbrain Research: How Positive Reviews Impact Brand Perceptions

|Gabie Kur

Outbrain: How Positive Review Impact Brand Perception We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: There is no substitute for credible, third party opinions. According to a survey last year, 85% of tech consumers said blogs, videos, articles and reviews by experts were the most influential online media when considering a tech purchase. And now we have some crystal clear research to support just how big of an impact positive reviews can have on brand perception metrics. It’s a profound effect. We conducted a study with 815 consumers online with an interest in consumer electronics, and we aimed to measure those things that we know smart brand marketers are most always tracking: unaided recall, brand favorability, purchase intent, likelihood to purchase, and more. Understanding the effect on these metrics (and, of course, the potential impact of amplifying them through Outbrain) is what we were after. So what was the effect of a positive review on a consumer electronics brand?

» 102% increase in unaided brand recall » 54% increase in brand favorability » 46% increase in purchase intent » 46% increase in likelihood to recommend to a friend » 32% increase in perception that the brand is “technologically advanced”

Quite impressive. With lift like this, we think there is no reason to hesitate at amplifying your earned media. To see the full report, you can download it here.

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Gabie Kur

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