Bringing Programmatic to Content Marketing with the Outbrain Amplify API

|Hila Dar

We’ve consistently heard from customers that the maturity of content marketing has also led to challenges.  Many players, many layers, many measurements. Clearly delineating the business value of their content can be difficult and frustrating.

With the launch of our Amplify API, we hope to address some of that tension.

First, the management and reporting of content marketing campaigns is much simpler with the new API. Advertisers can buy and measure their Outbrain media through other technology dashboards they use — not just the Amplify interface. That means fewer steps between publishing content and reaching Outbrain’s premium publisher audiences, with more efficiency in accessing and analyzing data.


Welcome to the Programmatic Age of

Content Marketing.

outbrain amplify API



When we launched a strategic partnership with Newscred in July, we wanted to provide their customers with a single dashboard to manage, curate, create and disseminate content. Today,we’re proud that ecosystem now includes Contently, SimpleReach, Zemanta, NativeLift, Hexagram, Hubspot, Bidtellect, Skyword and King Content.

We believe that technology is the key to advancing content marketing. With help from our partners, we look forward to what comes next!

To learn more about the Amplify API or apply to be a partner in the program, visit

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Hila Dar

Hila Dar

Hila is Senior Director of Product at Outbrain. Read more

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  • Lars Bjerga| November 25, 2014 at 6:18PM

    How can we get this dashboard view of detailed info?

    • Sabi Hoff| December 23, 2014 at 3:03AM

      have the same question…


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