Meet Our NYC Servers

|Kelly Reeves

At Outbrain, we’re very focused on offering the world’s best recommendations to high quality content. That’s a pretty hefty task, especially when serving over 28 billion recommendations a month that are filtered through our numerous algorithms that continually learn and adapt. That’s also why we’re so thankful to have a killer Operations team who keep us afloat day after day.

Some members of the NYC-based business team went on a visit to our NYC datacenter to thank our servers and to learn a little more about how everything works behind the screens.

Team Outbrain in NYC Datacenter
Team Outbrain and our “cage”

Where the magic happens

oldest server
My, how we have grown. These are our oldest servers.

new servers
Impressive cabling! I should get Ops to come to my apartment and organize the cord mess behind my TV.

Many thanks to Ori, Nathan, Connie, Gil and the entire Outbrain Ops team for keeping everything rockin’ and rollin’ and for taking time to show us around.

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Kelly Reeves

Kelly is Senior Marketing Manager at Outbrain. Previously, she was the founding editor of Urlesque, an AOL-owned website covering internet... Read more

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  • Aaron Landry| December 15, 2011 at 1:13PM

    Mmmmmmmm servers!

  • Curtman40| March 14, 2013 at 12:00AM

    Wow Kelly that is an impressive setup glad to see you guys are on the ball is that the only data center you have ??


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