Measuring and Optimizing B2B Content Marketing : An Interview with Amit Elisha, Head of Outbrain Amplify

|Isabella Barbato

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We conducted an interview recently with Amit Elisha, now Head of Outbrain Amplify, in which he shares his thoughts on B2B content marketing strategies, and particularly how to optimize content for KPIs.

Content marketers are not publishers. They have business goals and, unlike publishers, they do not and can’t afford to merely publish content for content’s sake. Measuring effectiveness — content marketing’s biggest challenge — is especially important for marketers to continue investing in content, and it’s a discipline relatively new and complex.

Naturally, marketers want their content to drive desired user actions. But does that mean they should optimize their content only for these actions? Unlike direct response tactics, a content marketing strategy needs to be measured over a long period of time, connecting many dots and in many cases working off of correlations. Identifying the behavioral patterns that emerge from these correlations is an equally important byproduct of content marketing.

As KPIs differ from one marketer to another, there can be no objectively right way to measure the effectiveness of content marketing. What matters at this stage in its evolution is that B2B marketers are thinking more strategically with their content and learning which challenges it’s best suited to solve, like customer engagement and retention.

Of course, it’s all for naught if marketers can’t cultivate a consistently engaged, delighted audience to power their content engine — perhaps the most important facet in which they should aspire to their publisher counterparts.

Click on the video to watch the full interview.

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Isabella Barbato

Isabella Barbato

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