London Fashion Week: A View from New York

|Rich Ullman

From discovering the latest trends to seeing which celebrity made front-row status, people around the world who can’t attend shows in-person are consuming Fashion Week content online. And our network was flush with content about London Fashion Week.

It’s a heady mix of unveilings, hectic schedules and designer reviews that is of huge interest globally.  We could see that from New York, when we looked at all of the content being created around one of London’s premiere style events.

Here’s five things we discovered when we reached into the content and recommendations that we delivered to over 100,000 sites around the world:

1. In terms of worldwide interest, Stella McCartney was the most popular designer globally (accounting 32% of total global page views on London Fashion Week designer stories), followed by Bora Aksu at 21% and House of Holland at 13%.

2. Among consumers closer to home, House of Holland was the most popular designer in the UK, with 28% of total views, followed by Stella McCartney at 23% and Julian Macdonald at 17%.

3. The UK’s consumption of Fashion Week content was heaviest on September 14, reaching 2.2% of the total UK article pages viewed.

4. Bora Aksu, the Turkish designer who kicked off London Fashion Week, was the subject of more stories published than any other designer, making him most popular on that measure (featured in 17% of fashion week headlines that mentioned designer names), followed by Vivienne Westwood at 12%, Mulberry at 11%, Temperley London at 10% and Stella McCartney at 4%.

5. More than anything, our look at the popularity of designer-specific content showed that interest varied widely by region. Our net takeaway? Fashion is provincial; what may wear well in Spain may not translate in France. Just look at the chart below – and then ask Tom Ford.

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Rich Ullman

Rich Ullman

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