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This Week in Content Marketing, the talk is all about finding the right ingredients for a successful content marketing recipe; from focusing on your audience, to mobile efforts, to infographics. Get the scoop below…

Kraft Foods Dishes Out Its Recipe for Successful Content Marketing – Forbes

You heard it here, folks — “content marketing elevates a brand.” And Kraft Foods has been one of the pioneers to prove this statement true, according to this piece. See what the company’s director f content strategy has to share regarding their content marketing “recipe,” how they deploy their content, (some of it user-generated), use social sites like Pinterest, their mobile efforts, and more.

Winning the Content Marketing Race Search Engine Watch

This blog post — by a site that’s mostly concerned with SEO, data, and analytics, mind you — makes the case for consistent and robust content as part of a winning marketing formula. As such, the blogger addresses the four most important focuses effective content should have.

Mobile Content Marketing – The Coolest Thing That Few Are Doing iMedia Connection

When you consider the stat mentioned in this piece — that only 38% of Fortune 50 companies had a mobile optimized website as of last year — there’s a whole world of opportunity in capturing mobile users’ attention with great content. Find out why mobile-specific content is the future.

Content Marketing: Why You Need It More Than You Think Huffington Post

Here’s the quotable to take away from this post: “In the digital age, every business is in the publishing industry.” In other words, no matter what business you’re in, creating content can enhance the relationship with your target market, amplify brand awareness, and yes, increase sales. If you’ve been trying to make the case for content marketing at your place of business, here’s some good fuel to bring with you to your next meeting.

Can Infographics Support Your Brand’s Content Strategy? – The Content Strategist

An excellent question posed by this blog — how effective are infographics as part of a content plan? Very, according to the data offered here, but like any content, there’s a right way to do them. A few suggestions for great graphics are included.


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