[Infographic] 4 Data-Driven Trends Brands Should Look Out For This Chinese New Year

|Isabella Barbato

4 Data-Driven Trends for Brands

Happy Chinese New Year 2016 everyone!

The year of the Monkey has kicked off this week, and celebrations are still going on in Singapore and around the world.

If you walk the streets of Singapore, you’ll be overwhelmed by the mix of bright colours, sounds and the smell of traditional sweets – all part of the country’s age-old traditions and customs.

Chinese New Year is, of course, a time of celebration with your loved ones but also when brands can leverage the shifting content consumption patterns and tailor their messages for target audiences.

And at Outbrain, we love looking at content consumption data to understand how people consume content.

This year, we looked at the top themes that attracted consumer interest in Singapore and found some interesting findings which we thought we would share with you.

Quick Share: While food is commonly regarded as a cultural bond amongst Singaporeans, contrary to popular belief, content on the subject of local initiatives and happenings has gained more traction this Lunar New Year. This is of particular interest for publishers, as it challenges the conjecture that Singaporeans are most heavily engaged with food-related content.

Remember, interesting and relevant stories are a critical element of any content marketing strategy — An equally vital component lies in a marketers’ understanding of what, when, and how consumers receive and consume content.

Are you keeping an eye on these content consumption trends?

Check out this data-driven Outbrain infographic for more interesting insights on how you can stay top of mind with consumers:



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Isabella Barbato

Isabella Barbato

Isabella is Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific at Outbrain, based out of their Singapore office. Originally from Italy, she has spent... Read more

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