How Your Blog Improves Website Performance

|Eric MacColl

Many marketers and companies don’t realize the full benefit of having a blog and how it increases website performance from user engagement, traffic, SEO results, and conversion rates.  A blog that’s set up for success can provide returns well beyond the costs of creating an engaging blog.

User Engagement

By having a blog, you allow new visitors to interact with your brand, stay on your website longer, and increase page views.  While this might seem obvious, qualified new users who visit our blog spend 239% more time on site and visit 96% more pages than qualified users who don’t visit our blog.

Creating Content: Internal or Outsource

The first step to keeping visitors engaged on your website is to have great content and a lot of it!  With more pages and blog posts come more pageviews per visit.  Blog experts go back and forth on how often you should blog, but most agree to post at least 3 times a week will yield the highest return.

There are a number of ways to create quality content beginning internally with your team or reaching out to get guest posts.  Another solution would be to outsource your writing to a blog writing service company like Scripted.  Scripted can streamline the hiring of freelance writers and create a consistent number of high-quality blog posts written by experts in specific industries.

Get New Traffic: Publishers and Search Engines

Once you have enough content, you’ll want to keep readers on your site by recommending other relevant articles to read.  A great widget that can suggest other posts is Outbrain.  If one blog post is popular and brings in a lot of new traffic, why have those new visitors leave after reading one post?  Outbrain suggests other articles with a widget that fits the style of your blog or website.

The other benefit of using a service like Outbrain is that your blog posts can bring in new visitors who find your blog post on other publishers.  Between having new users find your site on other publisher sites, or having your blog posts show up organically on Google, your blog is now a significant source for bringing in new traffic.

SEO Benefit: Time on Site and Links

Keeping visitors on your website is important not only for user experience but it’s also an important metric to search engines.  Along with page load speed, number of external links, visitor traffic, and quality content, time on site is a factor that improves search engine results.  Google will recognize that websites with lower time on site and higher bounce rates are not as valued as websites with higher time on site and lower bounce rates.

The other SEO value of having lots of content is that the number of external links will increase, as there are more posts for other sites to link to.  A major SEO factor is the number of external links pointing to your domain as well as the number of internal links on your domain.  A blog will increase both of these metrics.

Improve Conversion Rates

Lastly, having a blog helps potential customers convert on your product or service.  We found that qualified new visitors who visited our blog were 2.3 times more likely to convert than qualified new visitors who did not visit our blog on  This is looking at new visitors who looked at our pricing page and it excludes any visitor who bounced.


Having a blog is more than just a link to your company news.  It’s a resource that improves your website performance by driving new traffic, increasing time on site, and improving conversion rates.  With the right combination of consistent quality content and the ability to reach a targeted audience, your blog is the new super hero in your marketing department.

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