BrainPower: More Differences in U.S. and UK Content Consumption

|Tina Coll

Stepping away from our holiday shopping for a moment, we were hungry. So we looked at American and British habits for consuming recipe content and found this:


If you want Americans to read your recipe content, they’re a relatively indiscriminate bunch, and maybe a little less mobile. But if it’s the British appetite you’re looking to stimulate, focus on phones. The British are more than twice as likely to be interested in recipes when they’re on their smartphones.

So who’s up for bangers and mash?

The contrast in platform consumption behavior and content preferences sparks several questions and suggests different possibilities: 1) Is the US preference for engaging with visually-driven recipe content on their desktop reflective of unparalleled American TV consumption habits? 2) Is it different segments of the respective populations that are inclined to cook? 3) Or are Brits just more ambidextrous than their American counterparts?

The differences not only boil to the top when you look at engagement with recipe content by platform. When it comes to referring categories, it seems the Brits like to get their fill of Business and Finance content before checking out recipes. Americans, on the other hand, are most likely to be on Weight Loss sites before they dig into recipe content.

Just as the English may pride themselves in eating more garlic than the French, they may have the upper hand when it comes to engaging with content on smartphones compared to Americans.

Speaking of appetites, if you’re data-hungry for more content insights, stay tuned for Outbrain’s Macrotrends Report coming out later this month…

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Tina Coll

Tina Coll

Tina Coll is a Marketing Manager at Outbrain. She has worked internationally across Asia and the U.S. in the technology,... Read more

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