How To Optimize Your Content for Social Discovery (Guest Post on Mashable)

|Kelly Reeves

Over on Mashable, Outbrain COO David Sasson contributed some great tips for optimizing content for readers instead of robots. Even though publishers focus on search engine optimization, Outbrain data shows that traffic sources are beginning to diversify — which is good news for readers as SEO tactics often come at the cost of the user experience.

He continues:

“This changing landscape, however, means that publishers need to refocus on the larger question of content discovery: How do you create content that will find its way to people who are in browse mode? And equally important, once people come to your site, how do you help them discover great additional stories so they stick around longer? Fortunately, a lot of the tactics required to improve discoverability are a return to common sense principles.”

For David’s tips on how to optimize for content discovery, head on over to Mashable to read all about it: HOW TO: Optimize Your Content for Social Discovery

See more of David’s posts on the Outbrain blog.

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Kelly Reeves

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