How to Increase the Lifespan of Content on the Web

|Kelly Reeves

With all the time spent perfecting a content strategy and creating content, one would hope that once the pieces of content are released onto the web, that they would be continuously discovered via RSS, search and social means and deliver an increasing amount of views (and ultimately ROI). Unfortunately, for the average piece of content, that’s actually not the case.

According to Pete Spande, and the “data geeks” at Federated Media, the lifespan of a piece of content is incredibly short — with most social sharing engagement occurring within the first 48 hours a piece of content is published and with a majority of a piece’s views coming within the first week. [Note: This discussion in the video below starts around 7:15]

Is it possible to extend the life of your content and prevent such a fast decay? According to Spande, it is. He notes that content syndication tools (like Outbrain) are powerful because they use scaled distribution to help extend the life of content simply by getting it in front of a larger audience and “seen more widely” and “with more reach for those eyeballs to encounter [the] content,” which also will in turn “stimulate further sharing.”

In addition to simply extending the life of content, Spande notes that utilizing a content syndication solution provides a “powerful feedback loop” for the publisher as you can learn which pieces of content resonate with the audience and in turn focus on creating similar content moving forward.

Watch the full video for other interesting anecdotes including Federated Media’s success with pairing brand and conversational marketing and also how social sharing patterns actually vary by topic area — for example, Business and Tech content is shared more via Twitter vs. Men’s Lifestyle which has more of a Facebook sharing audience. And interestingly, Women’s content receives much more engagement via comments rather than external sharing.

Disclaimer: As noted in the video above, Federated Media is a current client of ours and uses Outbrain to distribute their content at scale through recommendations on top web publishers.

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