How to Get the Biggest Return on Your Tax-Related Content

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Death and taxes: the two things in this world that Americans can be said to be certain of.  The good news is that for taxes we have an actual date we can plan around!  In 2014, about 30% of Americans filed their taxes 2 weeks before the April 15 deadline and Outbrain data shows they consumed tax-related content months in advance in preparation for these filings. Americans are planning early, and so should you!

What Outbrain Data Says

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Outbrain data shows that in 2014 Americans’s initial interest in tax content began 3 months before the April 15th tax deadline and subsequent peaks were around the W-2 distribution deadline and about a month before the official tax filing deadline.

Tips for Your Tax-Related Content & Campaigns

  1. Apply sufficient budget to your campaigns for the entire period of January through April since consumers are actively seeking information and advice during this time. Make sure you reach everybody from the early birds to the procrastinators.
  2. Prepare your content for success with the right first impression – headlines should include relevant tax keywords, such as “tax services,” “advice,” “tips,” “calculators” and “filing.” Don’t forget to focus on tax refund and tax extensions or how to spend your tax return! (Vacations, anyone?)
  3. Think about how you can reach your audience with content they are likely searching for that fits with your brand. You don’t have to be a tax firm to create tax content.


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Sources: Pew Research Center 2014

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Danielle Letayf

Danielle Letayf

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