How Great Content Can Help Increase Your Holiday Traffic and Sales

|Natalie Chan

With the year coming to a close, many feel the pressure of hitting those final revenue goals. For many businesses, that final push can often be the difference between a happy holiday and a more challenging start to the new year.

As a reactive measure, marketers often rush to pour the last of their budget into traditional channels to drive traffic and revenue. The reality is however, these channels can be costly (like search), take time to build results (like SEO) and deliver low click-throughs and ROI (like display ads).

Alternatively, content marketing is a highly effective way to help boost your holiday traffic and sales. While it is predominantly viewed as a top of funnel driver, engaging and useful content not only builds immediate audience interest but can trigger them through to conversion by way of this increased engagement.

Engaging content doesn’t have to drain the resources or the last of that marketing budget. Existing content can be repurposed: Older yet timeless blog posts can be surfaced, blog posts can become newsletters and earned media like great press coverage or product review can be re-circulated.

The beauty of content marketing is that its effectiveness isn’t limited to a specific vertical nor does it exclude the ability to engage a niche audience.

Boutique Homes, a luxury home and small hotel rentals site, wanted to distribute its company blog content across the web to increase bookings particularly over the holiday period. In the past, the company had worked with other travel blogs to promote its content but this tactic didn’t deliver the results or sales desired.

Working with Outbrain, Boutique Homes was able to:
– Increase traffic 364% from 10 000 to 46,400 visits over a 4 month period.
– Generate 32.2M impressions
– Produce 79,835 visits to their blog

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Natalie Chan

Natalie Chan

Natalie manages Customer Retention for Outbrain Amplify. Prior to Outbrain, Natalie spent most of her career focused on connecting brands... Read more

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  • Curtman40| March 11, 2013 at 11:11AM

    Content marketing is great way to promote your business, as well as build brand awareness, great read !!!

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