How Earned Media Can Drive Mobile App Downloads (Guest Post on VentureBeat)

|Juan Martinez


According to recent study from mobile ad network xAd, click-through rates for typical mobile display ads are only 0.6%. A 2011 MediaMind study tells a similar story, revealing that click-through rates for mobile ads on iPhone are 0.37% (higher than any other smartphone, if you can believe it). With these numbers, it’s clear that consumers have responded to mobile marketing by simply not responding. So if mobile marketing doesn’t work, what are the alternatives for those of us tasked with driving mobile app downloads?

Believe it or not – a comprehensive content marketing program that is driven by earned media is a powerful, but often-overlooked strategy for driving mobile app downloads. Instead of largely ineffective mobile ads, why not let your app’s fans – particularly those in media – do the talking?

For more information on how to use earned media to generate a ton of mobile app downloads, check out the rest of Gilad’s piece on VentureBeat. To learn how Outbrain can help drive more mobile app downloads, click here


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  • Curtman40| March 14, 2013 at 6:18PM

    Mobile Apps are just to early to introduce right now we are still getting use to social media you may ask what does one have to do with the other well with social media we have a community with Mobile Apps we don’t, in my opinion we have to turn Mobile Apps into a community and not just a downloadable app, makes sense ? The reason why Mobile Apps are not catching on is because it is not socialized, it does not give any form of engagement for the end user to socialize.


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