How Content Can Influence Advocacy Campaigns

|Danielle Letayf

While it can sometimes be challenging to raise awareness and build support for advocacy campaigns, content marketers must keep in mind that before you can change attitudes or influence opinions, your message must first be heard.

We recently conducted a research study* on a US environmental issue and saw that content can indeed influence awareness and perception.



If you have content that educates readers on a specific issue such as healthcare, education, or energy (among other topics), Outbrain data shows that exposing this issue-based content to audiences when they’re in “discovery mode” is very effective. It drives awareness of the issue and influences opinions on the topic.

So why not start creating content now to build some momentum for your campaign? From simple awareness to positive perceptions and favorability, being seen is the first successful step in getting heard.

Launch your advocacy campaigns now.

For more details, download the full report here.


*Study examined 1,369 U.S. residents and measured differences in response to online content that was pro-issue or anti-issue.

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Danielle Letayf

Danielle Letayf

Danielle is U.S. Marketing Coordinator at Outbrain. Read more

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