How Consumption Habits Inform Engagement (Guest Post on DigiDay)

|John LoGioco

“Build the content and they will come” is wishful thinking. If you’re a brand or publisher, you should know better than anyone that producing quality content is just the beginning. Of almost equal importance is a solid marketing plan to push your content out to the world. Publishers are leaving a lot of engagement on the table by not looking more closely at how their content is being consumed.

Think about basic consumption habits, such as what time of day the content may be consumed, on what device it may be consumed, and what the best format for the content is. It’s actually fairly intuitive; think about your own content-consumption habits. When you’re commuting to work on Monday morning, you likely only have a few minutes to spend with an article on your smartphone, which is radically different than how you would consume an article on a weekend morning using a tablet.

The first step toward a killer content strategy is to determine how traffic patterns differ by platform, day and time. Many publishers see their smartphone traffic spike in the early morning, late evening hours and on weekends, while traffic on desktops follows an inverse rule. Your traffic, however, might follow a different pattern, so setting up with a system like Google Analytics across your desktop and mobile Web platforms will help you understand the patterns more closely.

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John LoGioco

John LoGioco

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