“Dark social is too big to ignore”

|Eirini Pan

…Especially when it represents over 74% of all social sharing online!

Kane Reiken, Outbrain’s first winner of the Content Marketing Rising Star Award, gives us a short overview of the dark social phenomenon, which has resulted from a recent boom in messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat, plus advances in other private communication channels.

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How should brands approach dark social?

Kane advises that brands should, “…really understand how their customers consume content, make sure that they are creating content that’s of high quality and also use analytic tools for real-time insights on what’s going on.”

What makes dark social sharing particularly important for marketers?

Previously, Outbrain’s general manager for Australia and New Zealand, Ayal Steiner has also expressed his thoughts on the dark social phenomenon and how this is affecting a content marketing strategy.

“What is shared across dark social is much more targeted sharing than the traditional blasting through a social channel,” Ayal claimed. “Dark social is much more targeted, because [the users] hand-pick and select individually the people they think might find it interesting. And the people that receive something [in this way] are much more likely to truly engage with it. The ripple effect is much more focused, but also much stronger.”

Lightening the darkness…

Right now, we are still in the very early stages of tracking and measuring dark social sharing. It’s a phenomenon, however, that is here to stay and grow. Brands that understand the mechanism behind it will gain an edge in their markets.

What are your thoughts on dark social? Can you share any examples of brands that seem to really understand and plan their content campaigns having all the sharing capabilities in mind?

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Eirini Pan

Eirini Pan

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