Hope or Hype? (This Week in Content Marketing)

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Is content king? That depends who you ask. As the digital world becomes more accessible, brands are fiercely competing for their audience’s eyes, ears, and more important, hearts… and some are counting on content marketing to do the job.

Here’s a look at what leading industry experts have been saying this week about the role of content in business…

Connected Devices Become Key to Content Consumption on eMarketer

The evolution in how our digital content is delivered (including the mass appeal of smartphones, e-readers, tablets, etc.) has put the onus on marketers to adapt their messaging so that it translates well on various platforms. Takeaway stat: “Over the next two years, eMarketer expects more than 26 million mobile phone users to turn to smartphones.” That’s more than half of all U.S. mobile users!

Content: Marketing’s Best Hope or More Hype?  on Ad Age

If a company wants to get content marketing right, the key phrase to remember is: “It’s not about us.” This article explores the distinction between traditional PR and using content to bring in new business (a.k.a. not using in-your-face brand promotion).


Video Content at the “Beginning of the Future” on The New York Times

This article summarizes the key themes at the 2012 TV and Everything Video Forum presented by the Association of National Advertisers, the biggest one being how shifts in media habits aren’t killing traditional media, but instead, reshaping how we use it.  In turn, marketers need to focus on creating a content “experience” that keep consumers engaged.


Advertising  vs. Content Marketing  on B2C

In corporate creative offices across America, there’s a constant battle of wits over the best methods for reaching, engaging, and building loyalty among target audiences, says this B2C article. Advertisers say it’s about created social experiences around the brand, while content creators say it’s more about authenticity and quality. You be the judge.


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  • Saving Water| March 16, 2012 at 7:07AM

    Absolutely, content is always the king. IF the content is not good and you plenty of marketing, then also it is worthless, and a good content with little marketing can gives you a lot.


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