Hedgehogs, Magnets and Investigative Journalists (This Week in Content Marketing)

|Juan Martinez

Seventy-three percent of content marketers say their number one concern is not being able to create enough compelling content, according to a report released this week by Curata. Fifty-six percent of those surveyed said high-quality content is a major concern. If you clicked on this headline, you’re probably most concerned by what hedgehogs, magnets and investigative journalists have to do with one another. Continue reading to find out.

Finding Your Content Marketing Hedgehog — Content Marketing Institute

Joe Pulizzi adopts knowledge from Jim Collins’ book Good to Great, which made famous the notion that “the hedgehog, in business, is that thing your business can be the best at.” Pulizzi uses the hedgehog metaphor to explain that marketers need to focus on their strengths in order to create the best content. Discover what you cover best, how you cover it, why you cover it, and who you cover it for, and you’ll be on your way to perfecting your overall strategy.

21 Content Marketing Magnets to Optimize Your Pulling Power — Business 2 Community

This piece lists the 21 styles of written content that Web browsers are attracted to and how you can use the content to draw consumers closer to your business.

Why Journalists May Make the Best Content Marketers — The Content Strategist

“Content marketers need to think like investigative reporters, always looking beyond the obvious and continually asking ‘why,’” according to a quote from Content Marketing Institute consultant Carla Johnson. But the piece also says just because someone is a good writer and storyteller doesn’t make them a good content marketer, so an understanding of technology platforms is important as well.

Content Marketing: Hallmark of a Social Business — Business Insider

This piece argues that brands “have to think of themselves as guests at a cocktail party, eavesdropping on the fringes of an already-existing conversation customers are having and trying to think of a witty or informative conversation opener,” in order to be relevant. Because consumers do not want to be sold to, compelling content is the best way to participate in ongoing consumer conversations in order to drive sales.

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