Getting Summer Schooled (This Week in Content Marketing)

|Juan Martinez

I know you’re all happy the summer weather finally arrived. Last weekend, you probably went to the beach with the in-laws and drank a little too much Prosecco on the fenced-in porch. It was refreshing, wasn’t it? Unfortunately, today you’ve probably already lost your tan and you’re scrolling Living Social Getaways planning your next trip. I get it. Enjoy yourself. But remember, the nice weather’s arrival doesn’t mean it’s okay to start slacking on your content production. This week, the content marketing media universe decided to take you back to school with a few reminders of some simple, universal truths.

Content Marketing Skills I Learned in Kindergarten — Troy Media

Our Canadian pals at Troy Media thought we all looked so sluggish coming back from the long weekend that they decided to explain things in terms even a five-year-old could understand. Author Doug Lacombe implores marketers to use the eight-point story arc when crafting communications and uses the story of Cinderella as a template.

Content Marketing’s Three E’s — MarketingProfs

Now that you’ve moved into grade school, it’s time to step things up a notch. Forget what you learned about the three R’s. (Who needs the three R’s anyway? One of the R’s isn’t even an R!) Focus on the three E’s — engage, educate and earn — and you’ll be at the head of the content marketing class.

Do’s and Don’ts of Content Theft — ClickZ

We’re all charged with developing serious content backed by powerful research. The problem is: Your mama warned you that stealing was a bad thing, but she never taught you how to cite primary and secondary sources. This article teaches you how to use research and cite articles without plagiarizing.

How to Avoid 7 Productivity Land Mines in Content Marketing — Content Marketing Institute and How to Make Content Marketing a Habit — Business 2 Community

Anyone can pump out one or two articles. But how do you continue to interest your readers once your creative juices start drying up? These two articles are must-reads for marketers struggling to keep their content creation habits on point (because they keep staring out the window, daydreaming about a long ride on the Hampton Jitney).

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